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Domestic Services


We provide a regular and friendly window cleaning service for your home. Our workers are trained in all aspects of window cleaning which means we can provide a high standard of work with minimal disruption...

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Blocked or Leaking Gutters

We can provide a gutter cleaning service that will take care of all your worries.

We remove the dirt and debris from the guttering, flush them through to ensure the water flows away correctly and we include all the down pipes with this service and ensure your guttering is left in fine working order.

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Before: Uncared for guttering After: Pristine, beautifully cleaned guttering
Industrial Services


We specialise in new build and hand-over window cleaning, whether it be a one-off or part of an ongoing project. We have a wealth of experience in providing builders cleans on newly built properties.

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Interior Window Cleaning

We carry out interior window cleaning within the home or workplace, quickly and efficiently, mindful that we must cause minimum disturbance. We have a reputation for putting needs of others first and foremost. Our work area is protected against accidental splashes and spills - all desktops/workstations, computers, scanners and personal property are protected with clean covers.

We offer an interior window cleaning service
Commercial Services


Angel window commercial window cleaning service provides window cleaning primarily for commercial customers such as local council, property management companies, residential homes, offices and shops...

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U.P.V.C Cleaning

Faded and dirty plastic on your house such as plastic guttering, cladding, window frames and doors can cause long term discolouration of the plastic and ultimately damage. It can also ruin the look of your homes exterior. Let Angel Window Cleaners bring new life and a sparkley shine to your property making your home shine and stand out from the neighbours.

Before: Dirty guttering After: Pristine, beautifully cleaned guttering

Conservatory Cleaning

It’s not always easy for house holders to clean their conservatory roofs and hard to reach areas. Let Angel Window Cleaners solve your conservatory problems. By using specialist tools and chemicals we can provide a clean to bring back that new look again and make your conservatory shine and sparkle. We will restore your dirty and faded roof back to it’s “just fitted” finish. We can also clean and restore your conservatory guttering and window frames. We are also able to reach those windows above your conservatory area.

Cleaning windows above conservatories with the reach and wash system. We will restore your dirty faded conservatory roof back to it's just fitted finish.