Yes. If within 24 hours there is any problems with our workmanship, please give us a call and we will rectify this free of charge.

There will be times when we need to clean your windows in the rain and we hope you understand this. Please note that rain is pure water and will not effect the cleaning of your windows. This is scientifically proven.

No. You do not need to be at home when we clean your windows. We will put a note through your door to tell you your windows were cleaned today.

Monday – Friday 6am – 4pm

We will endeavor to give you a rough estimate over the phone after asking you some information regarding your property but we can only give you the actual price once we have seen the property in question.

If we come to clean your windows and you say ‘Not this time’ we will remove you from our list. The only time we would miss cleaning your windows at the agreed frequency would be if you had notified us in advance, or you were moving house.

Yes, however there is a higher premium for a one off deep clean. It is generally more cost effective to have a regular service set in place.

Yes we endeavour to call at the same time, depending on the variations in the weather conditions. What we can promise is that you will have a very regular and professional window cleaning service all year round.

Commercial customers have a choice of frequency – Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly to suit their business requirements.

Yes we are reliable. We will always clean your windows at the agreed frequency, except in extremely bad weather conditions.

Yes we can clean all windows above conservatorys and your velux roof windows. We can also clean over obstacles such as pitched roofs.

There is a bedding in period, because the fine jets of H20 used on the windows and frames are cleaned right into every corner. As a result of this, the first 2-3 cleans you may notice a small amount of residue remaining. This runs from the dirty frames and we please ask you to be patient as this is unfortunately unavoidable. Once the frames are cleaned 2-3 times and the bedding period passed the new method will actually clean to a better standard than before.

When you are having your windows cleaned with the reach and wash it use’s laboratory grade pure H20, so when the windows and frames have been scrubbed, washed and rinsed, no residue or dirt is left and the H20 dries to a natural finish.

Yes. Water fed pole window cleaning is better than conventional methods. It will not leave runs on your glass or dirty window sills, producing a better cleaning result. We clean the full window not just the glass!

Window cleaning is inherently dangerous and there are up to 7 deaths per year. Because of this window cleaners have new regulations with regards to working at height. The window cleaning industry has addressed safe working practices, this is why the UK’s leading window cleaning companies all use the advanced “Reach and Wash Systems”.

Yes. If you are on our cleaning route yes we would do this however if you are off our cleaning route it may not be beneficial or cost effective for you.

No, we clean just about anything up to a height of 65ft.